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Mod. N° MM – 0019
Pack n.3
n.1 Julius Caesar
n.1 The aquiliferous
n.1 The Gladiator
n.1 Black General
n.1 Roman Captain
n.1 Centurion
n.1 Legionary

Design by: A. Pongetti



Gaius Julius Caesar (in Latin: Gaius Iulius Caesar; Rome, 13 July 101 BC or 12 July 100 BC – Rome, 15 March 44 BC) was a military man, consul, dictator, maximum pontiff, orator and Roman writer, considered one of the most important and influential characters in history.

It had a fundamental role in the transition of the system of government from the republican to the imperial form. He was dictator (dictator) of Rome at the end of 49 BC, in 47 BC, in 46 BC with ten-year tenure and from 44 BC as a perpetual dictator, and for this reason Suetonius considered the first of the twelve Caesars, later synonymous with the Roman emperor.

The aquiliferous (in Latin: aqvilifer, derives from eagle and literally “the one who wears the eagle” also recognized as “the eagle in person”) was the soldier charged with bringing the eagle of the Roman legions into battle, which all the soldiers had to protect even at the cost of their lives. The eagle was in fact the most precious the legion had and its loss was considered an immense misfortune. He was part of that small group of sub-officers called principales.

The gladiator was a particular fighter of ancient Rome. The name derives from gladio, a small short sword very often used in combat. The practice of duels between gladiators comes from Etruria and, like many other aspects of Etruscan culture, this was also adopted by the Romans. Its origin is to be connected to the institution of the so-called munus, a “duty”, an “obligation”, a private munificence to provide a service or a contribution to its community. In ancient Rome, I munera were therefore public works for the good of the Roman people by wealthy and high-ranking subjects. The munera instead differed from the Ludi, “games”, state-sponsored shows. The munera gladiatoria, in particular, have been expenses of your rights, they have been spent on occasions of particular circumstances, for example, they were slaves on the occasion of the funeral of some relative. The winnings are ordinary, expected on the occasion of certain holidays, or extraordinarily to celebrate special occasions.

The Black General is inspired by the Emperor Commodus made history by his extravagance, cruelty and depravity. Hated by the whole politics for his acting as a despot, he did not excel in the art of war but gained the consensus of the army by lavishing large sums of money and that of the people fighting with gladiators in clearly made-up encounters. His end was at the hands of his master of struggle who knew that he obviously knew the real value.

The Roman Captain, a fundamental point of connection between the simple troops and the elite of the generals, he issued orders directly on the battlefield. It was also essential to maintain the discipline and respect of the generals that were often seen more like politicians. Fearsome and fast in battle were feared even within Rome itself, thanks to theirs long red cloak they were able to hide sharp white weapons to perform in secret and in silence the will of the empire.

The centurion (in Latin centurio; hekatontarchos; which Polybius also defines ordinum ductor) was one of the ranks of the chain of command in the Roman army, at the head of a centuria, comparable to the modern intermediate officers (like the captains at the head of a company). Are you a fan of Ancient Rome? What are you waiting for, build the Centurion now and start creating your own army!

The Roman legionary was the infantryman who was part of the Roman legion. The Romans had to deal with various populations that adopted different methods of combat, this influenced both the organization and the structure of the legion, and the type of armament used. he has always been a source of inspiration and a model from the military point of view for his abilities, his experience and efficiency. In this voice the life of the legionary of ancient Rome is treated from the moment of his recruitment to leave, and the complex evolving is analyzed of armament from the monarchic era to the crisis of the empire.

Are you a fan of Ancient Rome? What are you waiting for, build now and start creating your own army! You choose who will be part of it, as a quantity and as a hierarchical order, have fun collecting them all!

LEGO ANCIENT ROME Pack n.3 included:

n.1 Julius Caesar
n.1 The aquiliferous
n.1 The Gladiator
n.1 Black General
n.1 Roman Captain
n.1 Centurion
n.1 Legionary

PCS: 941
(Original Lego® bricks)
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Designed by A. Pongetti

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    by marcohd76 (verified owner)

    Wowwwww…sono uno spettacolo!!!
    Sono fatti molto bene e dettagliati…bravi e basta ragazzi…sicuramente concluderemo ancora!🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝

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      Grazie marco! Alla prossima 🙂


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