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Mod. N° MM – 0016
Width: 8.3 cm
Length: 5.8 cm
Height: 13 cm
PCS: 172

Design by: A. Pongetti



The aquiliferous (in Latin: aqvilifer, derives from eagle and literally “the one who wears the eagle” also recognized as “the eagle in person”) was the soldier charged with bringing the eagle of the Roman legions into battle, which all the soldiers had to protect even at the cost of their lives. The eagle was in fact the most precious the legion had and its loss was considered an immense misfortune. He was part of that small group of sub-officers called principales.

Are you a fan of Ancient Rome? What are you waiting for, build the Aquiliferous immediately and start creating your own army! You choose who will be part of it, as a quantity and as a hierarchical order, have fun collecting them all!


Width: 8.3 cm
Length: 5.8 cm
Height: 13 cm
PCS: 172
(Original Lego® bricks)
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Designed by A. Pongetti

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The photos are purely indicative, the final product could have small variations based on the availability of the pieces on the market.

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